The SwimRun 

Saturday, May 4, 2019


SWIMRUN is an exciting new sport sweeping the world; with a hint of adventure racing and flair of the multi-sport similar to a triathlon. Steeped in Swedish legend and solid foundation, as with all great sports, based on a drunken bar bet. You race in 2 person teams required to race together. You are challenged with a mix of alternating running and swimming legs. You are required to start and finish the race with all your gear, whatever you choose.  Our sprint SWIMRUN will consist of 7 legs of running and swimming with 10.3 km (6.4 mi) of total racing distance.

Just Added - Individual Race Option
(Not eligible for prize money)

prize purse

Prize Purse

For 2019 we have a $1,500 prize purse for this event. $500 will be awarded to the fastest overall teams in the All Male, All Female & Mixed category.

Male Team, Female Team and Mixed Team winners will all receive a qualifying entry into the
SwimRun National Championships


FORMAT 7 Legs, 4 Runs and 3 Swims

Leg 1 – Run 1            2.2 K   (1.4 mi)
Leg 2 – Swim 1           500M   (.3 mi)
Leg 3 – Run 2             2.2 K   (1.4 mi)
Leg 4 – Swim 2           500M   (.3 mi)
Leg 5 – Run 3             2.2 K   (1.4 mi)   
Leg 6 – Swim 3           500M   (.3 mi)
Leg 7 – Run 4             2.2 K   (1.4 mi) 

10.3 K (6.4 mi) Total Racing Distance

Run 8.8 K (5.5 mi) | Swim 1.5K (.9 mi)

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Saturday, May 4, 2019
8 AM – 10 AM           Packet Pick-up
10 AM – 10:30 AM    Gear check & inventory
10:30 AM                    Race start
1:30 PM                      Course Closed
2:00 PM                      Awards


  1. Start and finish with all your gear. You swim and run with everything you choose to bring.

  2. This is a team race. Remain within 20 ft of your team mate at all times

  3. You must have all your equipment with you at all time. You will have your gear inspected at the start line and re-check at the finish line. What you take on the swim you take on the run.

  4. There will be a gear check station near the start for personal items. You must provide your own bag with your name and race number marked on the bag.

  5. You race at your own risk. Understand your limits.

  6. Must be 16 or over.

  7. No outside assistance from people other than the race organization during the race.

  8. No littering. Dispose of trash at the aid station.

  9. FINS – if you plan to use fins make sure that they comply to the new FIN RULE – which means they cannot be longer than 15 cm beyond your foot.

  10. Your race bib must be worn visible at all times

  11. Your swim cap must be worn on all swims

  12. Your timing chip must be worn on your right ankle at all times

We will have one aid station on the course with water and electrolytes

Pull Belt / Bungee Tether
Swim paddles
Fins (approved, max length of 15 cm beyond the foot)
Pull Buoy
Swim Buoy